Water falls.

Seton Hall University

Water falls.
Yarn and debris
Hunterdon Museum
In a draft of the proposed installation, the idea was to make a beautiful idealized waterfall with knitted silver paper. After visiting waterways for the project's inspiration, it became clear that the Poland Spring image of water falls and our reality of nature is far from perfect. I began to collect the trash on my site visits and added it to the installation to share my realization and disappointment,
Water falls.
Yarn & debris
18 x 4 ft
Water falls was asked to be recreated for the Value of Water exhibtion curated by Fredericka Foster
St John Divine Cathedral, NYC in 2012.
Photo: Nat Zaro
Water falls. (Recreated for 14C Art Fair)
Paper dipped in silver wrapped around a polyfiber
18 ft x 3ft x 3ft